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Would you like to Contact FilterTech for a Free Quote?

Please use the contact form here to contact FilterTech to get a Free Quote on a water filtration, water softening installation that you are interested in. Please be as specific as you can, to allow us to give you the most accurate estimate on the costing of the project.

Are you located in a hard or soft water area?

Water hardness is measured by the number of mineral deposits in your water (parts per million – ppm). A soft water area would have under 60ppm while a very hard water area would register more than 180ppm. Contact us to let us know where you are located, so we can get a good idea, based on your geographical location, in Ireland, or beyond.

Does your water need pH correction?

Water with a pH lower than 7 is considered as acidic. A pH of 6 is ten times more acidic than that, and a pH of 5 is one hundred times that of 7, so there is a considerable increase in acidity with every point below neutral on the scale. If metal plumbing is present and the water has a natural pH much below 7, this should be corrected to reduce corrosivity. Such filters are referred to as pH correction filters or neutralising filters. The alkaline media is usually calcium carbonate or magnesium oxide, or a combination of both. Contact us for a quote in getting this corrected.

Are you interested in having a Validated Ultraviolet system?

The typical benefits to your water, of having a Validated UV disinfection and sterilisation system installed, include:

  • Micro-organisms are inactivated
  • Has no effect on taste, odour or pH
  • Cannot be overdosed
  • Does not introduce toxic by-products
  • Requires no chemicals
  • Compact
  • Offers significant return on investment
  • Easy to operate
Do you require Tank and Pipeline Sterilisation?

Filtertech offer a range of water tank cleaning services & pipework disinfection, including; planned, preventive maintenance testing designed to control and prevent the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms such as Legionella in water systems and other stored supplies. Please contact us for a free quote.

Filtertech Manufacturing Ltd.

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